Crop Operation

Technological Capabilities of the Crop Operation

Van Der Geest Dairy grows all of its own corn silage and haylage. All grains, minerals, vitamins and hay needed by the dairy are purchased.

The feed is harvested from over 6,000 acres of owned and rented land in an 8 mile radius.

Approximately 1/2 of the land is rented, which gives added revenue to land owners.

The cropland is tested in 2.5 acre increments for nutrient composition.  The fields are then organically fertilized according to the needs of the plants.  The cropland is also managed with the use of highly developed Nutrient Management Plans, which regulate the location and amount of organic nutrients that should be applied.  These plans are closely regulated through the DNR and the Soil Conservation Service.

Trucks delivering corn as tractors pack silage

Chopping corn on a beautiful fall day

Tractors on the Feed Pile