Today's Dairy

The Dairy Operation of the 21st Century

The Rotary Parlor was completed in the early spring of 2022, it has the capacity to milk 90 cows in 9 minutes, which equates to 600 cows per hour. Which means, it takes 6 hours to milk the cows. Cows are milked 24 hours a day in 3 shifts and shut down for 2 hours in between to wash and sanitize the equipment and facility.

Each Silo holds 330,000 lbs. of milk, or 40,000 gallons, we haul out 5-6 loads of milk a day, it takes 24 hours to fill a silo. Each tanker hauls 67,000 lbs. of milk. From the time milk leaves the cow it takes three minutes for the temperature to change from 101.5° to 34°. and into the silo. 

Cows are identified by a visible Id tag, an electronic chip (RFID) and a SCR tag. The milking time, pounds produced, her activities are sent to the computer in the office. This information is to keep track of each animal and is used to help make management decisions.